APJMR Vol. 3 No. 5 (Part IV)


Asia Pacific Journal of Multidisciplinary Research

P-ISSN: 2350-7756
E-ISSN: 2350-8442
December 2015 (Part IV)

1. Effect of Mastery Learning Approach (MLA) on the Performance of Boys and Girls in Public Primary Schools in Basic Science and Technology in Jos Metropolis Nigeria
Mangut Mankilik1 and Blessing Solomon Dawal2
1Department of Science and Technology, University of Jos Nigeria, 2Islamiya Pilot Science Primary School, Jos, Nigeria

2. The Effect of Peer Tutoring on Achievement of Students in Discrete Structures
Joseph B. Campit (MAEd), Dr. Joel Cayabyab, Elbert Galas (MIT)
Pangasinan State University – Bayambang Campus, Philippines

3. Analysis of Nitrate Concentration of Shallow Tube Wells of Selected Corn Producing Barangays in Bautista
Emmanuel Ross B. Tomas (Ed.D), Dennis Montoya, Nelda J. Garcia, Ph.D.
Pangasinan State University – Bayambang Campus, Philippines

4. Status of and Problems on Open Admission Policy of Pangasinan State University, Philippines
Nova E. Arquillano, Potenciano D. Conte, Jr., Sally A. Jarin, Edna C. Queriones
Pangasinan State University-Lingayen, Philippines

5. Production and Acceptability of Sea Urchin Bagoong
Helen G. Viray, Edzhel Jane P. Arconcil, Weenalei T. Fajardo, Lina T. Cancino
Pangasinan State University-Lingayen, Philippines

6. Effects of Comprehension Strategies on Sight Word Recognition Skill of Person with Hearing Impairment in an Inclusive Education Setting, Jos Metropolise
Dr. Emmanuel Agbo Owobe, Dr. Christopher Mtagherornyi Vande,  Dr. Julian Rotkanggmwa Bodang,  Callista Umeh Onwuadiebere, Janebu Anyebe
Department of Special Education and Rehabilitation Sciences, University of Jos, Jos Nigeria; Ganaka International School for Inclusive Education, Jos, Nigeria; Federal Government College Jos, Jos Nigeria

7. Taxonomy, Habitat and Distribution, Morphoanatomical and Physiochemical Properties of Bayog  (Bambusa Merrilliana (Elmer) Rojo & Roxas Comb. Nov.)
Weenalei T. Fajardo, Lina T. Cancino, Elnora B. Dudang, Girlie M. Fernadez, Dr. Ruby Rosa Cruz
Natural Science Department, College of Arts and Sciences, Pangasinan State University-Lingayen, Philippines

8. Permutation Identities
Rodelio M. Garin (MAM), Dr. Rico Reyes, Dr. Emmanuel Ross B. Tomas
Pangasinan State University, Bayambang, Pangasinan, Philippines

9. Comparative Effectiveness of Three Assignment Organizational Patterns on Students’  Performance in Statistics
Dr. Irma Mirasol C. Ferrer, Dr. Roy C. Ferrer, Ruel Bautista (MAM)
Pangasinan State University, Bayambang Campus, Pangasinan, Philippines

10. Cost Effective and Efficient Resources Management: Basis for Austerity Scheme
Rico A. Reyes (PhD)1,  Rodelio Garin (MAM), Nelda J. Garcia (PhD)
Pangasinan State University, Bayambang Campus, Pangasinan, Philippines

11. Employability of Business and Computer Management Graduates of one Higher Education Institution in the Philippines
Dr. Maribeth G. Buenviaje, Dr. Galicano V. del Mundo, Engr. Ferdinand Añonuevo and Dr. Meinrado Martinez
College of Business Administration, Lyceum of the Philippines University, Batangas City, Philippines

12. Phytochemical Analysis and Antiangiogenic Potential of Gmelina Arborea Roxb.  (Paper Tree) Fruit Exocarp Using Duck Chorioallantoic Membrane (Cam) Assay
Weenalei T. Fajardo1, Lina T. Cancino, Elnora B. Dudang, Sharlene Cherry M. Suratos, Frienzky B. Macayana
Pangasinan State University-Lingayen, Philippines

13. Personal and Tacit Knowledge: Its Concept and Implication to the Study Biodiversity and Adaptive Features of Corticolous Lichens of Hundred Islands National Park, Northern Philippines
Weenalei T. Fajardo, Cristina S. Doria, Dr. Ruby Rosa Cruz
Pangasinan State University-Lingayen Campus, Philippines

14. Post-Partum Services and Providers in Lingayen, Pangasinan, Philippines
Nova E. Arquillano, Potenciano D. Conte, Jr., Sally A. Jarin, Edna C. Queriones
Pangasinan State University-Lingayen, Philippines

15. Improved Shelf Life of Fresh Buro (Fermented Fish with Rice) through Vacuum Packaging
Dr. Wilma M. De Vera, Veronica C. Austria (MAEd), Christian Soriano (MAEd), Dr. Raquel C. Pambid
Pangasinan State University, Bayambang, Philippines

16. Examining Education Students’ Nature of Science (NOS) Views
Celeste T. Mercado, Frienzky B.  Macayana, Lorna G. Urbiztondo
College of Teacher Education and Technology, Pangasinan State University Lingayen Campus, Pangasinan, Philippines

17. Drought Risk Management through Rainfall-Based Insurance for Rainfed Rice Production in Pangasinan, Philippines
Prima R. Silvestre and Felino P. Lansigan
Pangasinan State University-Sta. Maria Campus, Sta. Maria, Pangasinan; Institute of Statistics, University of the Philippines Los Baños

18. Status of Mathematics Researches in Ilocos Region: Basis for Mathematics Research Agenda
Paulo V. Cenas and Melody C. De Vera
Pangasinan State University, Lingayen Pangasinan, Philippines